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Dr. Deepti Gupta

Dr. Deepti Gupta, the founder of Kiaan Ayurveda & Panchakarma Wellness, is one of the best doctors of Ayurveda in the Gurgaon and Delhi NCR region. During her clinical experience of over 15 years, she has treated patients with critical health issues, reversed lifestyles related diseases, and coached many enabling them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Deepti Gupta specializes in
  1. Panchakarma
  2. Infertility and PCOD
  3. Diet management.
  4. Lifestyle and related disease management.
  5. Ayurvedic therapy for Couples (Supraja, beej Sanskara)
  6. Neuromuscular disease.
  7. Ayurvedic immunization for kids is called Swarnaprashana.
  8. Formulating botanical medicine and products
During her treatment, she also educates patients about the following –
  1. Importance of Adopting Ayurveda, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle 
  2. Methods to achieve Dosha Balance by implementing moderation in daily life
  3. Seasonal and medicinal detox programs
  4. To optimize Agni or digestive system.
  5. To boost Vitality or ojas
  6. Work on Customized diet program as per their body, mind constitution
  7. Educate on how to activate Ayurveda right in the kitchen and maintain good health as the primary goal
  8. Enable the journey towards the self through Sync in body, mind & soul, and conscious surroundings
  9. Simple rules to achieve happiness and a positive mindset.

Her clinic, Kiaan Ayurveda & Panchakarma Wellness, offers a wide range of treatments and rejuvenation detox programs. Dr. Gupta treats individuals with lifestyle and chronic diseases by application of customized panchakarma programs, medicines, and changes in diet and lifestyle. During her clinical treatments and wellness programs, she focuses on the individual’s body constitution (dosha) and the factors causing imbalance. The design of her treatment is to help the patient achieve a balance in the body, mind & soul.

Dr. Deepti Gupta is a firm believer in the philosophy that Ayurveda is more than a medical practice; it is about a “Way of life”. She believes that the motto of Ayurveda is maintaining the health of a healthy person and disease-free or curing the person suffering from a disease.

“Prayojanam Chasya Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Aturasya Vikara Prashamanam Cha !!” Charak Samhita Sutra Sthana

Dr. Deepti Gupta is an Ayurvedic medical scholar from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AYURVEDA, Jaipur. She has received certifications like N.D.D.Y. (Diploma in Naturopathy and yoga) and F.A.N. (Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) from Apollo Hospital. During her early Ayurvedic Practice, starting 2022-12, she was associated with Medanta Hospital, The Medicity, Gurgaon. Dr. Deepti Gupta is also associated with several NGOs, organizes health camps, and helps corporates through customized workshops & sessions through her foundation and clinic, Kiaan Ayurveda.

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