Body Detoxification

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Body Detoxification

Modern life is full of tensions and turmoil. There is not a single day when one does not have to face stressful situation.

Apart from stress, there are external factors such as pollution, smoke, and unhealthy diet that increase the level of toxins inside the body.

The toxins are actually the free oxygen molecules also known as the free radicals that are highly active and capable of causing damage to the body tissues.

 Our body can defend the free radicals through antioxidant mechanism, however when the level of toxins go much higher than the body can handle naturally, it leads to a state called as oxidative stress.A high level of free radicals, as occurring during the stage of oxidative stress is highly detrimental to body and can lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. There fore, to prevent the damage caused by free radicals and prevent chronic illnesses it is very important to maintain the levels of antioxidants in the body. This can be achieved through a process of body de-toxification. De-toxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from the body. As per Ayurveda, the de-toxification is conducted through three phases as a. Preparatory Phase b. Purification Phase c. Post Purification Phase

Preparatory Phase

  • Abhyangam Massage
  • Padabhyangam Massage

Purification Phase

  • Vaman
  • Nasyam
  • Virechanam
  • Sneha Basti
  • Kashaya Basti
  • Rakta-mokshan

Post-purification Phase

  • Diet Modification
  • Oral Medications
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle Modifications