Natural treatment for PCOD using Ayurveda

What is PCOD?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD) is a common reproductive endocrine disorder affecting women. In Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, the ovaries produce higher than normal amounts of androgens. This can interfere with egg development and its release. Some of the eggs develop into cysts, which are small sacs filled with liquid. Instead of the egg being released during ovulation in the normal menstrual cycle, the cysts build up in the ovaries and may become enlarged. Because females with PCOD are not ovulating or releasing an egg each month, it’s common for them to have irregular or missed periods. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common cause of infertility. In some cases, hair growth on the body and face increases. In the long term causes diabetes and heart disease.
Causes and Symptoms of PCOD
There no such causes of this disease but doctors have agreed on three things that are related to the cause of this disease. The main causes of PCOD are:
1) Genes
2) Insulin resistance
3) Inflammation
In some cases, genes and family cause PCOD. Secondly, the insulin resistance as female suffering from insulin cannot use insulin. This insulin resistance is caused by obesity. The last cause is linked with weight, females who are overweight are suffering from inflammation and this leads to increases in a hormone imbalance.
Symptoms that females can recognize:
1. Irregular periods occurring at an odd time and occurring more often.
2. Excessive bleeding is more than normal period bleeding.
3. Growth of hair on face and body.
4. Acne is caused due to imbalance of hormones.
5. PCOD also causes hormone imbalance.
6. Weight gain.
7. Headaches are also common.
8. Dark skin and patches of dark skin occur in PCOD.
9. Various Investigations for PCOD
Other symptoms may include:
The higher level of androgen
Swelling in ovaries
Moreover, a pelvic exam helps in looking into the problem in the ovaries. Similarly, blood test also helps in checking the hormone levels and help in recognizing the PCOD. Ultrasound examination helps in identifying the problems in the ovaries.
Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD
In Ayurvedic therapy, the treatment extends from about 6 months to one year for PCOD depending on the patient’s conditions. The Ayurvedic treatment helps in reducing insulin resistance and reduce hormone imbalance, it also ensures fertility and reduces body weight as well. The internal medicine of this therapy includes the herbs like Shatavari, lodhra, Ashoka, Aloevera, bhramhi, punarnava, cinnamon, haridra, karvellaka, Guduchi, neem, Triphala, usheera, ashwagandha, jambun, meshashringi, vriashamala, kirattikta, etc. which reduces the ovary swelling and responsive for its functioning.
Diet and Yoga
Diet is essential for the treatment of any disease. The advisable diet for PCOD includes natural food like green leafy vegetable, berries, bitter guard, watermelon, amla, broccoli, walnuts, almond, flax seeds, whole grain, etc. and better to avoid processed food like bakery items, burger, pizza, junk food, cold drinks, milk, fast foods, etc.
Similarly, yoga also helps in curing the PCOD. Certain yoga position and exercise helps in pelvic relaxation and release the stress of the body and reduces the symptoms of PCOD. Yoga improves oxygenation to the reproductive organs, relaxes the mind, and reduces mental stress which ultimately helps in correcting hormonal imbalance.
Various factors as discussed above helps in curing and controlling PCOD. Things like Ayurvedic medicine, diet, exercise, yoga play an important role in the treatment of PCOD, which ultimately helps in improving the fertility rate naturally.
Posted by Dr. Deepti Gupta (Ayurvedacharya)