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    I am a slender person I hardly gain weightI am medium buildI am well built and I gain weight no matter what I do

    My skin is dry, thin, and itches oftenMy skin is smooth and soft, it looks pale sometimes

    My hair is dry ,thin and brittleMy hair is neither dry or nor oily (men, receding hairline)My hair thick, full, lustrous, and slightly oily

    My face is ovalMy face is trangular (pointed chin, prominent jaw line)My face is round

    My eyes are small : they feel dry often and have a bit of dullness (usually brown)My eyes are medium in shape ; sharp & pretending (usually blue)My eyes are big and round in shape, full eyelashes

    My hands are generally dry, rought; slender fingers; dry nailsMy hands are generally moist, pink; medium fingers; soft nailsMy hands are generally firm, thick; thick fingers; strong & smooth nails

    My joints are small, prominent bones, and often crackMy joints are medium and looseMy joints are large, sturdy, with lost of muscle surroundings

    I am a very active person (always on the go,mind constantly thinking)I like to think before I do anythingI am steady and graceful (I dont’t like to rush)

    I walk fast and talk fastMy actions are very thoughtfull and preciseI like a slower pace and I take time to accomplish things

    I do not sleep soundly at night,I tend to toss and turn I wake up early in the morningI am a light light sleeper but if something wakes me up, I can go back to sleep easilyI am a heavy sleeper

    Varies, sometimes I feel hungry , sometimes not, I feel anxious if I don’t eatI always feel hungry. If I don't eat get irritable and angryI don’t feel very hungry. I can go without food easily for a day

    I tend to have constipotion and can go a day or two without a bowel movement.I am regular and sometimes stools are loose(tend toget diarrhea)I have no problem, I wake up to go to the bathroom

    My voice tends to be weak or hoarseI have a strong voice, I may get loud sometimesMy voice is deep, has good tone

    I am a born worrer, I often feel anxious and nervousIf things don't happen my way, I feel irritable and angryI am a happy person, very caring and loving

    I love warm and humid weatherI enjoy cool weather, I dislike a warm climateI like warm but dry weather

    My symptoms are mainly pain, constipation, anxiety and depressionI often get skin infections, fever, herat burn, hypertensionI tend to get allergies, congestion, weight gain and digestive problem

    I like art(drawing, painting, dance) and travelI like sports, politics, and things that get my adrenaline pumpingI like nature, gardening, reading and knitting